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Bot Ragnarok X: Next Generation
Version 1.1.4 (Update and Fix Bugs)

Web: https://www.djmbot.com/
Web Bot: https://www.djmbot.com/ROX
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DJMBot

Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/541680217041228/

Download Bot And Emulator from:

How to setup (DJMBot same another game):

Features All:



The Bot support LDPlayer Emulator only.

Update of version 1.1.4:
1. In COC Mission, Add option 15 items.
2. Add function checking the language in games. The bot supports only English And Thai.

Fix Bugs of version 1.1.4:
1. In Exchange Center, the bot stuck when found Confirm Tax Popup.
2. When the bot selects the Xavier's Quest (Finish Daily). The bot will close Deliver items and next to do an activity.
3. In COC Mission, The bot doesn't choose a quest sometimes.

Fix Bugs of version 1.1.3:
1. In Farming Monster, If the around area has many types of monsters the bot will not able to choose Fight Monster.
2. In Guild Order, Main Quest. Sometimes, the bot purchases many times.

Update of version 1.1.1:
1. In COC Mission, Add type quest Pet.

Fix Bugs of version 1.1.1:
1. In Mission Board, Change the name Rimuru Mission Board to Slime Mission Board.
2. In Mission Board, If your character is married. the bot will not able to do Slime Mission Board.
3. if your character has an Odin Blessing limit reached (10000) the bot will stick at Odin's Blessing Popup.

Update of version 1.1.0:
1. Add Feature Guild Order (If the bot found the item that can't get from Shop it will skip that item and it will show the number of items skip at Report is Number Bracket)

2. Add Rimuru Mission Board the bot will do Rimuru Mission Board after completed Mission Board.

Fix Bugs of version 1.1.0:
1. In Main Quest and Sub Quest fix the problem the bot can't accept quest sometimes.
2. In COC Mission the bot can't purchase items from COC Shop.


Features of version 1.0.0 (09/Sep/2021)

1. Bot claims Odin Blessing (Prontera) when beginning the next date automatically.
2. The bot does the Mission Board after claim blessing automatically.
3. The bot does the COC Mission after complete Mission Board Quest all automatically.
4. The bot does Main Quest and Sub Quest automatically. (Except Guide Quest)
5. While Bot does the quest it can deliver items and purchase items automatically.
6. After completed all Activity the bot will go to Spot Farming automatically.
7. In Farming Monster System, the bot can enter the name of Monster for search and farming.
8. Another option from the Farming Monster system. you can select a level of monster for farming.
9. Support Multi-Instance while bot running.
10. The bot can run the program on a Background mode. While bot run-on. You can do anything such as Youtube, Facebook, and Play other games.
11. The bot has a Profile system for saving the configuration of the bot.
12. The bot has a Daily Report.
13. The bot will check Games Application to guarantee it's still run-on always.
14. When starting a new day (5:00 AM+7GMT). The bot will reset all Activities and redo them again automatically.
15. You can control the bot by App in Mobile for Open, Close, Restart, Capture Screen. (Push Bullet App).
16. The bot has a Log system for all Activities.
17. Gardening. (Wait for updating)
18. Fishing. (Wait for updating)
19. Mining. (Wait for updating)
20. Mini-Boss. (Wait for updating)

*Need to set exclusion Windows Defender and your Antivirus at Folder bot before downloading the bot (Guide).



*If you see a problem help me to send your clip error and screen.
And click Photo below Button Start in the bot and then send the image (.bmp from the bot) to djmbotsys@gmail.com

We will fix your problem as soon as possible.

Step for sending file log to us:
1. Zip file log in Profiles/[Your Profile]/Logs to us
2. Send to djmbotsys@gmail.com