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Bot MapleStory Mobile Version 1.9.4 (Update)

Web: https://www.djmbot.com/
Web Bot: https://www.djmbot.com/MapleStoryM
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DJMBot
Group Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/229192081255668
Patch Detailhttps://www.djmbot.com/MapleStoryM/#patch

How to Register:

How to Setup (*Important!!!):

*And You need to change the language in games to English or Thai only.

Download Bot And Emulator from:

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Features All:


!Important Settings before use bot:

    Ensure follow that clip guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL_i4U01TLo
    1. Create a new instance
    2. Set Resize 800 x 452 and set DPI 160
    3. Install games

    *You need to don't install games before resizing 800 x 452 DPI 160.
    *If still don't work please choose the English Language in games.


Update this version:
1. The bot can answer Macro Questions automatically.


Update of version 1.8.0:
1. In Farming Star Force Mode, Add Function Bot claims Free 2 Hours AutoBattle automatically.
2. In Farming Star Force Mode, Add Function Auto-Join Party.

Update of version 1.7.0:
1. In Star Force Farming Mode, Add new Map Lv 90-100 To Map 219-229.
2. In Star Force Farming Mode, Add new Options Random ATK times and delay and improve performance while Move and Atk.

* The bot support only for the English Language in games (Except for Korea Server).

1. In Macro Star Force mode, Add a new map.
    - Road to Oblivion 4 (155-165)
    - Deep in the Sky Forest (159-169) 

    Clip Review Farming Star Force


1. In Main Quest mode, The bot check does the Main Quest better.

Emulator Compatible:
1. Nox


*You can support us by giving the 5 star at Fanpage: www.facebook.com/DJMBot Thank you!!
*If you found the problem please show me your clip or screen error and send the log file
Step for sending file log to us:
1. Tell us an issue and date time that occur
2. Zip file log in Profiles/[Your Profile]/Logs to us