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Bot MapleStory Mobile Version 1.7.0 (Update And Fix Bugs)

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Web Bot: https://www.djmbot.com/MapleStoryM
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Patch Detailhttps://www.djmbot.com/MapleStoryM/#patch

How to Register:

How to Setup (*Important!!!):

*And You need to change the language in games to English or Thai only.

Download Bot And Emulator from:

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Features All:


!Important Settings before use bot:

    Ensure follow that clip guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL_i4U01TLo
    1. Create new instance
    2. Set Resize 800 x 452 and set DPI 160
    3. Install games

    *You need to don't install games before resizing 800 x 452 DPI 160.
    *If still don't work please choose the English Language in games.


1. In Star Force Farming Mode, Add new Map Lv 90-100 To Map 219-229.
2. In Star Force Farming Mode, Add new Options Random ATK times and delay and improve performance while Move and Atk.

Fix Bugs:
1. In Star Force Farming Mode, The bot can't choose some Map.
2. In Star Force Farming Mode, The bot can't move Right and Left when walking to the edge of the screen and can't jump to skip the slope

* The bot support only for the English Language in games (Except for Korea Server).

1. In Macro Star Force mode, Add a new map.
    - Road to Oblivion 4 (155-165)
    - Deep in the Sky Forest (159-169) 

    Clip Review Farming Star Force


1. In Main Quest mode, The bot check does the Main Quest better.

Emulator Compatible:
1. Nox


*You can support us by giving the 5 star at Fanpage: www.facebook.com/DJMBot Thank you!!
*If you found the problem please show me your clip or screen error and send the log file
Step for sending file log to us:
1. Tell us an issue and date time that occur
2. Zip file log in Profiles/[Your Profile]/Logs to us