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Bot Lineage 2 Revolution Version 3.27.0 (Update and Fix Bugs)

Web: https://www.djmbot.com/
Web Bot: https://www.djmbot.com/Lineage2Revolution
Blog: bot-lineage2revolution.blogspot.com
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DJMBot

Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1766663150293353

Download Bot And Emulator from:

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Promotion look at:

How to Payment (If foreign recommend that you use the Paypal):

How to setup:


Features All:


How to Rift Dungeon (Party Mode):

For Server Vietnam:
How to Setup: https://www.djmbot.com/lineage2Revolution/HowToSetup?sv=vn

New Package:
In version 3+ the features will divide are grouped as follows:

Feature 1 Month / 1 Person 3 Months / 1 Person 6 Months / 1 Person 3 Person / 1 Month 6 Person / 1 Month 12 Person / 1 Month -
Group 1,2 200 540 1,020 540 1,020 1,920 CASH
Group 1,2,3 350 945 1,785 945 1,785 3,360

          * Each group what features you can look at Here by choose package and then choose a feature.
          * This promotion can use until 3 August 2018.

Update All Server:
1. In Elite Dungeon Farming, Add new Dungeon Lv 524 and Lv 542.
2. In Quest Elite Dungeon, Add new Dungeon Lv 524 and Lv 542.
3. In Mini-Boss Elite Dungeon, Add new Dungeon Lv 524 and Lv 542.
4. In Adena Dungeon, Add option Level Mythic.
5. In Exp Dungeon, Add option Limit Break IV.

Fix Bug All Server:
1. Fix Bugs new Patch on 16/Sep/2021.

Update All Server this version of version 3.26.0:
1. In Elite Dungeon Mode, Add function uses Bonus Time automatically.


Update All Server of server 3.25.0:
1. Add another Donate function.
    - Donate Adena
    - Donate Proof of Blood
    - Donate Red Starstone
    - Donate Gold Coin
    - Donate Forgotten Scroll

Update All Server of version 3.24.0:
1. In Arena Mode, Add function Check CP less than value settings. 
    * Remark: If the condition CP doesn't match The bot will refresh the limit 20 times, And then it will choose Seq of Battle from settings "Battle Seq" in the bot Tab Fight > Arena.

Fix Bug All Server:
1. The bot is stuck often in every Action.

Update All Server of version 3.23.0:

1. Add all Feature Group3 to Premium Account. You can turn on/off each Mode from Tab Control > Main Control Group3 and it consists of features.
    - Quest Elite Dungeon  (Config more Tab Fight > Quest > Quest Elite Dungeon)
    - Summon Stone (Config more Tab Fight > Mission > Summon Stone)
    - Rift Dungeon (Config more Tab Fight > Rift)
    - Up-Level Equipment automatically (Config more Tab Facility > Up-Level Equipment) link guide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVSCQzF9vYc
    - Buff Clan (Config more Tab Facility > Buff Clan)

2. Add new Features.
    - Clan Check-In (Do after daily quest)
    - Clan Donation (Do after Clan Check-In)
    - Clan Fireplace (Schedule settings.)
       * If you set "From Time" more than "To Time" the "To Time" will mean tomorrow.

* Remark 1: The price and promotion still the same for Premium Account.
* Remark 2: Some people still have the time remaining of Feature Group3. We will transfer to Playhour of your account by rate 1:1. Such as you have 22 days (Feature Group3) you will get additional 22 days to your account.

Update All Server of version 3.22.0:
1. Support Emulator LDPlayer4. (But still not support Android 64 bit please wait for updating later)
2. Add New Map Elite Dungeon Lv 520.
3. Add Mode Farming Yokai (It will do before the Farming mode. (See flow as shown))



Update All Server of version 3.19.17:
1. In Scroll Quest Mode, Add Options Auto-Clear.

* If you see the problem, please send your last screen error and file log. file log in Profiles/[Your Profile]/Logs to us.

Important to do!!!:
1. Setup as Follow Click
2. If you have a quest transfer class you need to Check-In "You have a quest class2" in Tab Settings
3. In Server NA, EU and RU You need to choose NA, EU, RU at Login screen in the bot and choose Language English in games only
4. If you buy deck more than 5 decks in games you need to settings the number of formation please as follow:
5. You can't change color your deck. it needs to default color (blue soft)
6. The graphic in games needs to normal all.


*You can support us by giving the Good Review at Fanpage: www.facebook.com/DJMBot Thank you!!
*If you found the problem please show me your clip or screen error and send the log file
Step for sending file log to us:
1. Tell us an issue and date time that occur
2. Zip file log on Report folder to us