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Patch version

Date Release Version Options
11/May/2022 3.32.0 Read Detail
28/Apr/2022 3.31.5 Read Detail
18/Apr/2022 3.31.4 Read Detail
23/Mar/2022 3.31.2 Read Detail
18/Mar/2022 3.31.0 Read Detail
18/Mar/2022 3.30.4 Read Detail
26/Feb/2022 3.30.0 Read Detail
24/Feb/2022 3.29.4 Read Detail

Latest version 3.32.0

DJM Bot best of the bot

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Features Free Account Group 1 Premium Group 1,2 Premium Group 1,2,3
Automatic Daily Quest
Automatic Roll Quest (Can Set Reset)
Automatic Arena
Automatic Daily Dungeon
Automatic Tower of Insolence
Automatic Extraction Dungeon
Automatic Equipment Dungeon
Automatic Adena Dungeon
Automatic Summon Dungeon
Automatic Main Quest
Automatic Farming Normal Monster. (Choose Map)
Automatic Farming Mini-Boss. (Choose Map)
Automatic Farming Elite Dungeon. (Choose Map)
Automatic Sell items
Automatic change channel when bot die.
Multi Instance Emulator follow the that you buy Instance Package (1 instance = 1 Account Bot)
Daily Report
Automatic Rift Dungeon Single and Party
Automatic Summon Stone (Codex)
Automatic Quest Elite Dungeon
Automatic Farming Mini-Boss Elite Dungeon
Automatic Up-Level Equipment
Automatic Use Buff Clan
Take & Claim Reward Conquest automatically
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How To Use

How to Process

1. Register your member. Click

2. Activate Bot Game Lineage 2 Revolution Click

3. Download Appropriate Emulator And Version Click

4. Download DJMBot Click

5. For game troubleshooting. Click

Clip : How to use DJMBot Lineage2 Revolution

DJMBot Lineage2 Revolution Guide Ver.3

DJMBotLin2Rev - Guide Ver.3

DJMBot Lineage2 Revolution Auto-Conquest

DJMBotLin2Rev - Auto-Conquest

DJMBot Lineage2 Revolution Buff Clan

DJMBotLin2Rev - Buff Clan


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Pay rate
Cash True Wallet Skrill
200 1 Cash / 1 THB 220 THB
540 580 THB
1020 1085 THB
1920 2045 THB
1 Person
1 Month
200 CASH
1 Person
3 Month
Discount 10%
540 CASH
1 Person
6 Month
Discount 15%
1,020 CASH
3 Person
1 Month
Discount 10%
540 CASH
6 Person
1 Month
Discount 15%
1,020 CASH
12 Person
1 Month
Discount 20%
1,920 CASH



The bot show message "Waiting for shared folder to get mounted...". Please follows as 2 way:

1. Set exclusion your window defender follow the manual and Antivirus

2. Turn off your window defender and antivirus.

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ1_1

Now, MEmu if you create new instance maybe get an error. Because MEmu have a PlayStore version 8.0 which that service may be closed. So,The suggestion as follows:

1. Download PlayStore Latest version APK file and install your instance

2. Open PlayStore and login your google account.

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ2_1

If you see that message you need to open the bot first time you can see the Red Message Link for download library and then download and install it.

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ3_1

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ3_2

You need to check-in Farming mode at least 1 mode because the bot process type loop if another activity finish it will back to work on Daily Quest always. If you want clear activity report when start bot you need to check-in "Clear Activity" in Tab Settings

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ4
  • At 08:00 to 18:00 not more than 4 hours.
  • At 08:00 to 18:00 not more than 10 hours.

If you ensure for you complete install games please check your server games and choose at the login screen in the bot.

1. If Indonesia Server please choose ID at login screen in the bot

2. If EU Or NA please choose NA,EU and RU at login screen in the bot

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ9_1

DJMBot,Lineage2 Revolution,FAQ9_2